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Hotel Capital is located in Itaewon which is one of the most famous shopping places in the world. The Capital Hotel also provides very convenient transportations, as it is located in the middle of Kangnam and Kangbuk of Seoul. It takes only 10 minutes by car to the downtown area, half an hour to Coex Trade Center in Samsung-dong and to Yoeido, 10~20minutes to Gyeongbok Palace, Duksoo Palace, Dongdaemoon, Namdaemoon and Myung-dong.

Itaewon, officially a tourism specialized district, is near the hotel and it takes only 5 minutes on foot. Seoul Tower at Nam Mountain is also very close. From there, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Seoul city including the view of Memorial Museum of the Korean War. This convenient location of the Hotel Capital is not only best for business, but also best for shopping and city tours.


First bus 04:15 05:40
Last bus 21:00 22:50
Bus fare ₩15,000
Operating frequency 20 minutes
Time consumed 80 minutes
Bus lines Hotel Capital → Hotel Crown → Hamilton Hotel → Hotel Itaewon → Hannam-dong →Seobinggo Shindonga Apartment → Kangchon Apartment → Dongbu Ichon-dong Han River Foreigner's Apartment → 63 Building → Yoeido Station → Incheon International Airport
Bus lines Subway lines
Blue Bus
(Main Line)
Red Bus
(Wide Area Line)
Line 6 Noksapyeong Station, Entrance #3
143, 401, 406, 730 9400